We can have a whole lot of text here, then decide that we want to include just a piece of the menu into the page.

You have to manually define the Div with the correct id to ensure that the menu is formatted properly, as we are calling the function without the startup pieces...

Dynamic jquery Menu from a Database

ver 1.1

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I like using the jquery slidemenu. I found that I needed a way to make it change dynamically depending on various things.

If you load the SQL file, it will create a menu table, populated with some sample data. Included is a Security level, which you can use to display the menu pieces that are allowed for a particular level.

This works for me... if you can do something with it, let me know..

The "Menu Edit" page is very crude, allowing only addition of items. I hacked it together so I don't have to enter the stuff by hand.. It obviously needs LOTS more functionality such as

  1. Move menu items
  2. Delete menu items
  3. Visually distinguish between levels of the menu
  4. etc

If you use this, please let me know so I can see it in action..

Have fun

John Dovey
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